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Vaiden, MS


Vaiden Courthouse

At least the third courthouse built in Vaiden, each one was built on a different spot.  The present courthouse was completed in 1989, the bell out front was from the old courthouse which stood where the Children's Park now stands.


Noah House

The house was built in 1875, the year after the first courthouse of the 2nd district and Shongalo Presbyterian Church were built down at the bottom of the hill on which this house sits.[Don't you know those were exciting times for the little town of Vaiden!]


The house stayed in the McConnico family until it was bought by Vernon and Margaret Anderson in 1946.  Then the house was purchased by Bobby Noah in 1996.


St. Clements Episcopal Church

There is a published book on the church records, which indicates that the church congregation was formed


in 1869 when the people began meeting in the homes of members. The church was built in 1876. At the present time, the church is opened for called services. Located on Hwy 51 in downtown Vaiden.


Shongalo Church

Organized at Old Shongalo by Clinton Presbytery August 29,1835. Rev. A.C. Dickerson was the first minister. The present structure was completed in 1875. The upper story was built and used by Masons.


Heritage House

This beautiful 1910 Victorian home is now a Bed and Breakfast. Retired educator, Rubye Miller, bought the house in 1995. and has restored it to its original glory.

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Vaiden Town Hall


Vaiden Cemetery

The Vaiden Cemetery is one of the oldest in Mississippi. It has graves of Confederate soldiers and many unusual tombstones, including the monument of the "weeping lady."

Vaiden High School

In 1874 Dr. and Mrs. C. M. Vaiden built the Vaiden Male and Female Institute.  The first teachers were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Henry Barksdale, ancestors of Jim Barksdale, former President and Chief Executive Officer at Netscape Communications Corporation in Mountain View, Calif.  (It is interesting to see that education is still important in the Barksdale family)  The current building was built in 1941 on the site of the Institute.


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