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N. Carrollton, MS


Watson House


Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen - burial place of J.Z. George and H. D. Money, law partners who also served Mississippi as U.S. Senators.


The Tabernacle

This structure is used for religious services, political rallies and meetings. It is owned by the Carrollton and North Carrollton Churches.



Built circa 1840 as a coach stop on the route from Holly Springs to Natchez. Cotesworth was leased to J.Z. George in 1853 and then was later sold to him.  The home was named for George's close personal friend Judge Pinckney Cotesworth Smith. It still remains in the George family. 


On the grounds is his private office.
The octagonal building has 6 windows with a door and fireplace on opposite walls. Instead of the bookcases running along the walls, they extend from the corners like spokes toward the center of the room, which is open for the desk. A cupola above creates a draft when the windows are open to provide cooling in the summer. J.Z. George served as our U.S. Senator.


Located on Hwy 35 outside of North Carrollton. Oakhurst - so named by the Bilups for the many large oaks that cover the grounds, is the hill home of the Billups family.  It was purchased by the family in 1904.  It was originally known as Springdale.


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North Carrollton 1
Vaiden 1